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We are a highly trusted international transport firm. Our team work hard to ensure that every customer receives the highest possible service tailored to their requirements and needs.

We have over 25 years of experience behind us, offering a great service. Therefore, whether you are sending a few items as part of a company shipment, or if you are looking to send personal artwork, we can help you.

We have a range of different transport options and during our initial consultation period, we will find the option that is best suited to you.  Such options include a choice of transport by road, sea, or air.

Sending artwork to Marbella

We understand that your artwork is most likely of high value. Whether such a value is deemed sentimental or price, Silver Wolf understands the importance of safely transporting such cargo to its final destination. We will take great care to ensure that you receive a service that is hassle-free and efficient. Such a service enables you to feel relaxed knowing that your items are being carefully looked after.

At Silver Wolf, we are specialists in being able to transport your goods carefully. We offer a scheduled Air Cargo Road Feeder Service across Europe. Our cost-effective and dependable services are catered to your air freight export needs, such as your artwork, Marbella being the final destination.

We strive to go above and beyond all our customers’ expectations. Our service is fast and efficient, using express vans and trucks readily available throughout Europe. These are dedicated to time-critical shipments. Not only are these ready and waiting, but they are installed with GPS. This means that we are able to know where your artwork is at all times.

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